Sunday, 15 April 2018

UPSEE 2018 - 8 Phenomenal Ways to Reduce Exam Stress

Considering the massive number of applications coming from all parts of Uttar Pradesh for UPSEE 2018, AKTU has surely made the exam level quite tough. While candidates are already under severe stress, there are several factors that are only aggravating the pressure. Some of them are the high expectation from parents. How to reduce UPSEE exam stress? Do you just need mental preparation for exams?

Let’s delve deeper and adopt smart techniques to beat the blues.

Make a Sketch & Clear Doubts:

Prepare an outline. This is an integral part of your preparation for UPSEE. Without a proper outline or a precise sketch, cracking the exam is a farfetched dream. An outline can be prepared just by listening to the lectures (if you are attending any) or take down notes while going through the textbook. Point out difficult phrases or concepts and clear them with the help of a tutor.

Be Clear with Concepts:

Mugging up won’t help you get high ranks, but understanding the concepts. Understand the UPSEE exam pattern and be well-versed with all the subjects. Subjects like mathematics require a lot of practice. And for that, one must have a great understanding of all important formulas.

Never Panic:

Go through the questions again and again even though those appear to be tough. Reading the questions frequently will help you remember the answers. All you need to do is stay calm and give your best. Try out the easier ones, and keep the toughest to try last.

Adequate Amount of Rest:

At least, 6 hours of sleep. There should not be any compromise when it comes to getting the minimum amount of sleep. Deep, sound sleep helps keep you healthy both physically and mentally. In a recent survey, it has come to the fore, the performance of sleep-deprived candidates is in no match with candidates who have taken adequate amount of sleep.

Gain Firsthand Exam Experience by Studying Past Papers:

Why not get a realistic idea of your upcoming exam by attempting UPSEE previous year papers? Mock test or practice of past years’ exam question papers will boost your confidence and help you do well on the exam.

Have a Good Companion:

Never be the smartest person in your class. Why? Whom would you discuss with if there’s no tutor around? It is always your study buddy who makes revision and discussion easy, interactive and enjoyable. Find a good study companion.

Best Use of the Internet:

Yes, a great way to learn smart! Check out various apps designed to meet the purpose, improve your practice, keep everything organized and what not. Many apps and websites do offer tests that would embellish you with certain amazing tricks. Whether you are worried about Aptitude Test for Architecture & Design or General Awareness or Pharmacy, there’s always an app.

Complete UPSEE 2018 Syllabus:

Have you done that yet?

In the last, keep an eye on the syllabus and leave no stone unturned to finish it much prior to the commencement of the exam.